A preprint of my paper, titled: “Unveiling Internet Censorship: Analysing the Impact of Nation States’ Content Control Efforts on Internet Architecture and Routing Patterns” and co-authored by my supervisors, Dr Vassilios Vassilakis and Dr Poonam Yadav, is now available on arXiv.


Heightened interest from nation states to perform content censorship make it evermore critical to identify the impact of censorship efforts on the Internet. We undertake a study of Internet architecture, capturing the state of Internet topology with greater completeness than existing state-of-the-art. We describe our methodology for this, including the tooling we create to collect and process data from a wide range of sources. We analyse this data to find key patterns in nation states with higher censorship, discovering a funnelling effect wherein higher Internet censorship effort is reflected in a constraining effect on a state’s Internet routing architecture. However, there are a small number of nation states that do not follow this trend, for which we provide an analysis and explanation, demonstrating a relationship between geographical factors in addition to geopolitics. In summary, our work provides a deeper understanding of how these censorship measures impact the overall functioning and dynamics of the Internet.

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